Here's a little insight from our friends at Dollar Shave Club about how you can deal with post-Thanksgiving dinner bloat without resorting to an elastic waistband. Consider these tips before tackling that turkey...

Don't Chug Your Dinner
This is the easy one: Eat slower in the first place. It takes about 20 minutes for your brain to register that your stomach is full, so when you eat fast, you're more likely to overeat and end up with cramps.

Keep Out of the Fridge
Avoid going back for leftovers later in the day. Even if you feel fine after the first round, a second helping may push you over that line. Plus, food guilt makes everything feel worse.

Get Out and Move
Play football, go for a walk, wrestle with your siblings if you must. All this activity will lower your blood sugar, which speeds up your digestion by moving the food through your stomach faster. It'll also stop you from lying down - a trigger for indigestion and heartburn.

More Water, Less Booze
Not what you want to hear when dining with the in-laws, but drinking water helps you digest food better. Alcohol, meanwhile, can dehydrate you, making digestion harder. It'll also make you think that a late-night turkey sandwich is a really good idea.